“Single platform approach with varied aspects to solve different compliance issues and meet demanding customer requirements. ”

BPM Model

Accentia believes in creating a culture based in process management. This passion has helped us develop the cutting edge- HealthDox model for managing and controlling offshore healthcare business processes. Keeping pace with changing business requirements, HealthDox is highly evolved and structured. At the same time, it is flexible enough to allow modifications and upgradations in specific processes without affecting the entire structure. The same efficiency is applied to our various other divisions too.

The comprehensive process includes:

Managing Offshore deployment of processes

This involves shifting of some vital tasks offshore. Based on the existing business process base lining, these processes are identified and the service level agreements (SLAs) are finalized.

  • The scope of work (SOW) is charted within specific timelines.
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) are implemented ensuring uniform quality across various processes.
  • This involves well-formatted communication guidelines for specific purposes like conference calls, dashboards, escalations etc.
  • Due diligence is given to risk assessment of processes and risk mitigation strategies.

Service Delivery Management

Accentia’s BPM Model ensures world class Service Delivery Management. We go the extra mile to ensure the success of the project. The key tasks involved are:

  • Ensuring compliance with agreed service levels.
  • Ensuring communication of variance in SLA to the client.
  • Developing Performance Matrices for each sub-functionalities.
  • Development of protocols for escalations.
  • Process Management and Control.
  • Quality Management and Control.
  • Well formatted reporting systems.

Adapting the right technology to monitor and control process parameters

Accentia uses custom-made applications to each vertical within its offshore BPM’s to derive organizational effectiveness. This helps the clients in

  • Reducing monitoring of staff whereby reducing human errors and cost.
  • Implementing an effective MIS system accessible to all stakeholders of the project across the globe.
  • Bringing ultimate transparency in its process and delivery - Effective billing and penalization as per SLA.
  • Effective hourly-automated email based reporting to managers at both overseas and offshore bases.
  • Implementing a performance based compensation levels within offshore units encouraging productivity.

Accentia Certified standardized in-house Training

Accentia takes complete accountability of its employees, as they are the people who service our clients and are in charge of improving the processes. Quite simply, if we do not have the best people in each area, it is impossible to have efficient processes. Ultimately, the success of client’s project depends on the skills and productivity levels of the team involved in its implementation. Accentia addresses this crucial aspect through its customized and standardized in-house training program that develops versatile BPO professionals. The key features at Accentia involve:

  • Well documented recruitment and selection procedures.
  • Modular training program addressing all aspects in the overall development of a BPM executive.
  • Daily performance evaluation resulting in a CGPA at the end of the month to decide on the Monthly remuneration during training days.
  • Sessions on Business ethics, values, vision, mission and etiquettes.
  • Creating awareness on the responsibilities associated with managing third party business processes at an offshore location.
  • Training on Quality Management including six sigma.
  • Training on corporate communication protocols.
  • Training on Basics of IT and Internet Technologies.

HIPAA and Data Protection

Accentia gives top priority to information security issues and maintains fault-tolerant data security protocol at all its offshore locations. Accentia is committed to exceeding HIPAA compliance regulations. We not only look at current requirements but also anticipate future requirements in order to stay one-step ahead. We will continue to expand our technology to provide our clients with the latest in PHI security. Key features include:

  • Secure and fully encrypted transmission of PHI in both voice and text formats.
  • Multi-faceted approach to protection of PHI while in its domain.
  • Access to data is controlled by clear protocols and contracts detailing privacy requirements as well as sophisticated username/password rule-sets which ensure clear data segregation and limited access as required solely to perform work required.
  • All employees and contractors are trained on privacy requirements and compliance is ensured via contract and ongoing audit procedures.
  • Accentia is committed to exceeding HIPAA compliance regulations. We not only look at current requirements but also anticipate future requirements in order to stay one-step ahead. We will continue to expand our technology to provide our clients with the latest in PHI security.

Business Continuity Plans/ Disaster Recovery Plans

This is the universal concern of most of the organizations thinking about offshoring their business processes. Disasters are unpredictable but having a fool proof Business Continuity Plan will ensure smooth functioning of the business irrespective of any disaster/disruption hitting a specific business location. At Accentia, we have a well-documented Business Continuity plan that is designed to withstand most of the Natural/Man-made disasters. The Key Features the plan are:

  • Multiple VPNs and Mirror Servers providing redundancy.
  • Multiple Locations having similar offshore capabilities provides for seamless shifting of jobs from one location to another.
  • Storage of data at three remote data centers.
  • Continuous risk assessment and adopting precautionary measures.
  • Fail over capabilities for Power, Data and other critical services.
  • Maintaining 20% spare capacity anytime as a growth strategys.