Accentia Technologies LTD provides a broad portfolio of business and technology solutions to help our clients worldwide to improve their business performance. Our business strategy is to become the leader in the middle market by offering unique and technologically advanced products at a minimal cost.

We cater solutions to Healthcare, Education, and Technology domains across the world. Under our healthcare division, we provide Electronic Medical Record solutions, instaKare, to physicians all over the world. instaKare is an ONC-ATCB 2011/2012 Certified & Drummond Certified for Complete EHR Ambulatory, advanced yet easy-to-use DRT, automatic claims filing, and everything in between — That’s what Accentia’s instaKare is! A truly holistic approach, our 360-degree solution addresses every touchpoint in the patient-clinic experience.

Under Education services belt, we are introducing an innovative GSM communication device that ensures safe and secure communication among family members and closed user groups, Safecomm. Safecomm is extremely safe and convenient to people of all age groups and particularly for the vulnerable members of the family.

Our various products include:


InstaKare is an ONC-ATCB certified complete EMR software developed by Accentia Healthcare Services. InstaKare helps healthcare providers with a holistic and comprehensive solution that fulfils all theirMedical and Administrative support needs.


InstaScribe is one of Accentia’s most prestigious web-based products which helps transcription work flow automation. This web-based application can be accessed from anywhere over the internet. File transmissions over the internet are completely secure with 100% HIPAA compliance.


InstaWeb is a web-based Java application where physicians can login to dictate, see status of their services, and take printouts of their transcribed reports.


InstaKare’s unique offering of DRT is the short cut to data entry on EMR. It is for doctors and physicians who prefer dictating their medical notes. It provides not only the flexibility to dictate reports but also the opportunity to utilize the advanced EHR system for your practice.