Quality Practices

Accentia is committed to continuous quality management and improvement of its services resulting in total client satisfaction. Accentia culture is seeped in quality practices, where every process undergoes thorough validation and defects are eradicated from the operations. This ensures quality at every stage of the delivery process.

Each process is designed to ensure productivity and quality. The project metrics for each process and person is predetermined and can be measured. SOPs are defined so that there are no deviations from the client specifications. All the process workflows, techniques, and best practices are synthesized into this data pool in a structured and congruent manner. Experts from Accentia's Quality Assurance Department work very closely with the project teams to implement Quality Management System (QMS) using QMS documents and thus transfer the best practices from past projects.

In Accentia, every Medical Transcription Trainee is analyzed and mapped on an individual performance basis. After being exposed to the transcription process, they work independently with clients to ensure they meet the highest standards. We have designed a transparent team structure which enables comprehensive information and knowledge flow to achieve overall process improvement.

Knowledge is Accentia’s strength and we have taken this a step further by using knowledge in action, which is the ultimate process objective of quality system. Our customized methodology uses client requirements, statistical analysis and committed teamwork to achieve breakthrough and constant improvements in processes across various verticals.


Project Metrics

Project Metrics are essential, as they are the key indicators of performance of any project and these help organizations benchmark their quality systems and ensure a high level of quality and deliverables. At Accentia, we have a well-established project metrics system that ensures timely completion of projects within the prescribed budgets. It is defined by our large pool of experience, which we have gathered in analyzing and implementing various processes and projects across widespread locations.

We have numerous standard monitoring processes that helps keep our team on track and enables in spotting issues that needs to be handled to ensure qualitative service.


Our project metric process is as follows


Define the metric

We define and outline the scope of project metrics at various stage of the project to ensure accurate assessment and management of project performance. Our project metrics are defined after a through analysis of the process and this helps us set our goals in a realistic manner and achieve them every time.


Analyze the metric

We analyze the data derived of the metric in a systematic and structured way to ensure consistent documentation over a period. This helps in analyzing metrics, which have a consistent baseline over a period and deliver measurable and action oriented results. Our in-house methods sort and assign data based on specific parameters and to prevent duplication of data captures and a metric analysis, which is realistic and accurate. The data is analyzed using various Statistical Quality Control tools like control charts to draw inferences at the project and organizational levels. The results are used to improve the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).


Quality Control

An organization without specific quality control objectives cannot survive in the long run and deliver consistent results across various verticals. Our teams of in-house QC specialists ensure that the highest levels of quality control are maintained. This ensures that the final product meets the exact requirements of our clients. Our experienced MT analyzes all the content and detects errors or discrepancies in the content. This ensures that our clients are able to rely on our QC efforts and get consistent results across all types of deliverables.


Delivery timelines

One of our most comprehensive metric is to measure delivery performance. The actual progress versus the planned progress is tracked and the performance data is analyzed. The timelines are clearly defined and measured. We also schedule adequate contingency planning in various areas to ensure that time lines are met and compensate for unexpected delays or input shortfalls during the process cycle.


Finally, after the document is proofread for any English or typographical errors. This ensures that the final product caters to the client’s demands and needs without leaving room for errors.


Best Practice

Accentia team excels in implementing industry best practices in the organizational work culture. An outstanding quality assessment program provides daily-improved performance and sustained excellence.

  • Our teams of professionals specialize in QMS and our activities are continuously analyzed and benchmarked with the best global practices around the globe. Using a standard procedure of documentation and information decimation, we deliver information across various business domains that help the best practices seep into every aspect of our business.
  • At Accentia, we treat each Medical transcription unit on an individual basis with the complete responsibility of the work assigned. This encourages perfection and a sense of achievement when clients accept files and enables self-correction and quick learning. A strong team of support personnel also back up each transcription to prevent confidence erosion and improve their productivity and quality over a period of time.
  • We use the collective experience of our team in formulating these best practices and take the suggestion of each team member at every stage and document even the smallest suggestion toe ensure that no input is left untouched during best practice implementation.
  • Accentia is very vigilant in enforcing medical industry security requirements, including those set by HIPAA. Accentia also maintains proven systems security for data encryption, multiple firewall layers and disaster recovery strategies.


Process Audits

We conduct process audits at various levels within the organization on a regular basis. Our large repository of process related information has been centralized and is accessible from all locations across the globe. This gives our employees and consultants the leading edge in maintaining quality processes across various verticals and domains.

Accentia employs scientific sampling methods to ensure a comprehensive coverage of all the representative processes, which present a highly accurate picture of quality levels. The entire process is extremely transparent and objective in its approach. A dedicated team of quality analysts and engineers check the audit results and ensure that high process compliance levels are maintained resulting in error free deliverables.

We believe in making our employees feel more responsible and adopt a proactive approach towards quality oriented work processes. Using the latest techniques in behavioral analysis and keeping an open yet positive approach, we engage all our employees at various levels to ensure that they overcome their deficiencies and adopt a quality oriented approach in everything they do.

Our process audits also have a highly structured feedback mechanism and comprehensive documentation. This approach ensures that timely feedbacks are given in a manner, which positively impacts the employees and helps them perform better.


Knowledge Management

We at Accentia strongly advocate in sharing our knowledge. All the consultants who go for onsite consulting come back to Accentia and consolidate their knowledge know-how. This experiential knowledge gained from various client assignments is shared freely in an intranet repository for all other consultants. This ensures that all the employees are benefited from the past project experience.

Accentia’s focus on quality coupled with an impressive delivery capability is supported by excellent infrastructure for HRCM service delivery and software development support. The latest reference materials and paraphernalia are made available to each and every HRCM executive to aid in the smooth execution of work.

Accentia practices tried and tested quality management systems to ensure consistent level of quality in the output. Quality review and corrections on a daily basis is part of our quality culture that makes Accentia strengthen its QMS every passing day by learning from its mistakes.

By adopting best practices in Knowledge Management, Accentia addresses the core needs of a growing organization – bringing new employees up to speed in the shortest possible time and at the lowest possible cost. This process benchmark helps in bringing innovative value addition to the client solutions.